2010 August

Faith's given us a little scare recently. It is rare for her to get a fever, but she's had one and she's been complaining of a tummy ache, which moves around slightly to different locations. We called her pulmonologist who ordered an xray right away. So we drove to Folsom to see him and Faith did a great job holding still for the xray, which we were given to take right back to the pulmo. Everything looks clear, except for "normal CF stuff." So, that was a big relief, but of course my mommy ears picked up on the "CF stuff" and my mind races with thoughts of what exactly did that mean? Is there already alot of scar tissue in the lungs? Can he see mucus and striations already? I know there's plenty of depth to that small statement, yet he doesn't elaborate much. He thinks she's had a blockage again. For now, we will continue to monitor her and give extra treatments as well as Miralax twice a week to be sure she doesn't get 'backed up' which has caused her tummy to ache in the past and could lead to major problems...another CF issue.

Here's a cute picture of Faith, Brooke and cousin Jonas playing the Wii.....Faith LOVES Super Mario 3!