February 2010

The month of February started off with Brooke in for a Dr. visit with an ear infection and Stephanie got to go to Pismo Beach to visit her great friend Catheline for a girl weekend.
Faith was due this month for her annual blood work. Grandpa Marlin joined us. Faith was nervous and scared as usual. She cried, but always seems to understand it's necessary and doesn't fight. She did a great job. Results later came back with very good information and she seems to be absorbing all of her vitamins well.
Brooke tried Faith's dance class and after two times she no longer had interest. Not sure why, but I got a couple of cute photos as proof she tried! This month was 'puppy' Falon's 1st birthday, too, so we celebrated with a little doggie ice cream.
We have been growing about 70 plants from little seedlings and went ahead and planted them prior to our upcoming trip. The girls LOVE planting and checking on the garden.
Steph's parents shared the duties of keeping the kids while we went on an adult's only trip to Vegas for Morgan's 30th birthday! The first night we stayed in an amazing suite at Vdara, one of the newest hotels on the strip. Then, the rest of the friends and family joined us at a timeshare down the road. We had a great time and in all saw 2 shows (Morgan was even pulled up on stage and we laughed SO hard), walked a bunch, danced a bunch, gambled some, then finished the weekend with Nascar......the rest is as they say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"
When we got home from Vegas, all of our little plants had croaked. There was a huge storm backat home and none of them really made it :( so we'll have to try again...

Happy FIFTH Birthday, Faith!

March 4 was Faith's 5th birthday. Five is a big deal for Faith and our family. If Faith was born 50 years ago, we would've been told she wouldn't live to see age 5. I cannot imagine that and try to only seldom even allow myself to be swallowed by the thoughts & devastation that cystic fibrosis is.

Faith had a Garden Party. I gave her a list of ideas weeks ago and her eyes lit up at the garden idea. She had about 10 girls over to decorate little pots, color butterflies then pin them on the flower while blindfolded, played a game outside and planted seeds into their pots of dirt to take home. The party was complete with ladybug strawberries, flower sandwiches and a 65 roses garden with info to sign up for the CFF Greatstrides walk. Everyone had a great time! After the party Faith said, "Happy Birthday to myself!" I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and this was her reply:
"Everything! I have 4 favorites: 1. The dirt cups (to eat), 2. Qwynci's messy face (from the purple cupcake frosting), 3. The rainbow facepaint (thanks Tiffany for helping!), 4. All my friends helping me open my presents.....and I have one more, playing with all my presents after the party (naturally!)." I'm not sure about posting pictures of all the kids without parent consent, so here's what it looked like before the chaos, haha!
Also after the party, Brookie was caught trying to give Falon lip gloss!