The Miralax seemed to help within a few days because Faith grew an appetite. Despite having the flu vaccine, we're pretty sure that Brooke and I had the H1N1 flu (those vaccines weren't yet available to us) and Faith was put on Tamiflu along with us as a precaution. We stayed away from she and Morgan as much as possible and they escaped with no illness. As sick as the two of us were, I can't imagine her having that flu, it was ugly. She did end up with a few stuffy noses and ended up staying home from school for what seemed to be almost half her scheduled days due to either her illness or other kids' sick at school. We're grateful for her teacher who gives us a heads up when there's something going around.
As you can see, the homemade unicorn and Rainbow Brite costumes worked out just fine and we had a great Halloween party!