Pulmo visit and Antibiotics

Faith's had a slight cough for a few days now. It started with a little nasal congestion and has been working it's way downward despite extra time on the Vest and a little Xopenex in the inhaler here and there.

I went ahead and made an appointment in Sacramento with the pulmonologist for her to be checked out...better on a Thursday than the weekend. The Dr. felt similar to how I had. Either her body would rid of the cough in the next 2 days or it would get worse, so it was decided to go ahead and give her 2 weeks of oral antibiotics. Faith requested a pill form this time and gave him a high five, to my surprise! So she should be done with this the day before the Greatstrides walk! Last year at this time she was also ill and had to leave the walk early with Grandpa Marlin when it started raining.

Ugh, while leaving the appointment, I found out that our favorite Dr. who's on maternity leave is not coming back! SUPER upset about that. She was a wonderful person and as a Dr. really listened and responded well with great bedside manner. We will be very sad to no longer have her. She had our trust. Our favorite nurse, Kasey, has also been out for a few months, but is due to return sometime in May....we cross our fingers for her to come back refreshed and ready to take on the tough job battling CF with amazing patients like Faith :) She is a truly wonderful rock in our CF Team and family.

Antibiotics, let's kick it!

Why have the last few Easters had yucky weather? The girls woke up and found that the Easter bunny had left them eggs all inside the house, just in case in rained outside, so they wouldn't get wet. They squealed running around the house to find them all. After church we headed to Nana Fonda and Pampa Marc's house to hang out and play some games.

By the 7th Faith had a stuffy nose and a couple days later it had turned into a cough so we started the vest treatments twice a day. It's not her favorite thing to do them more than once in the day, but very important that we try in order to reduce the mucus thickening up and leading to infection. She never seemed to actually have a cold, but something was definitely going on....like some CF congestion is the best way I could describe it. On the 15th I'd decided it'd been long enough and she needed to be seen by the pulmonologist. Normally we don't wait this long. He said she was right on the fence as to whether she'd get over it on her own in a couple more days or not. In the long run, he felt it best to nail it with some antibiotics to be sure the congestion would go away. So two weeks of antibiotics starts now.
We got to go to the zoo one weekend, Steph's been doing some volunteer work on the upcoming greatstrides for CFF walk May 1 and Faith is officially registered for homeschooling for kindergarden. That should be an adventure. She's already been asking us to teach her to read and upon recommendation from her preschool teacher has read a few small starter books!