"Speeding to a Cure"

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and send to:
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Faith has been doing great lately. Her new things are watching food network cooking shows. It's the funniest thing because she kind of excitedly repeats what the cook is saying and then comments on whether she likes that ingredient or asks if we have it in our kitchen. We've been swimming quite a bit and she's learning to trust the water...still not jumping in, but she'll swim alone with arm floaties. Sister Brooke on the other hand, will stand on the side and fall right in assuming you'll catch her and she's also just in arm floaties recently! The girls have also been loving going to the Little Gym.

Morgan's been fixing up a little quad for her, so she likes to sit with him in the garage and do treatments. He told her yesterday if she ate all her dinner, then they'd take a ride around the block on the quad (in her new helmet)...so she did! Today at the grocery store she said she wanted to go home and watch one of those cooking shows so we can make it for dinner and she can eat it all and then daddy can take her for a ride on the quad! Geez, ok!

These horrible fires lately did take a little tole on Faith's lungs. After about the first week, she started up with an irritated cough, so we began her 4 breathing treatments per day to keep inflammation and mucus down, as well as the Vest. She's down to 3 treatments per day now, but we'll keep it up until the weather gets more stable...& we seem to make it work around 'life.' Her next appointment is in August.

Hope to see you at Speeding to a Cure 9.14.08!!!!!

Below is Faith enjoying our outing at the Enduro races (pumpkin is her car with orange #s)

4th of July

We had lots of food and festivities at Nana & Pampa's house for the 4th...then finished with the Lincoln fireworks show & our own show at our house!
Faith LOVED the watermelon eating contest, wheelbarrow race, playing with her cousins & being pushed on the swing as always. Brooke had a great time observing from grandpa Marlin's lap ;)