$9300 so far! And a dance recital...

As I'm working on emails, etc for "Speeding to a Cure" I've noticed that Team FaithFull has raised over $9300 as of today! More than I expected in such a tough year, but FABULOUS! All the money we raise at the race car event in September will go towards that final total also. Thank you all again who have donated, fundraised and spent your time being involved!!!

Faith had her dance recital over the past weekend. It was adorable. She was front near center and did a great job. She's decided to take a break from dance to 'pursue' other interests like gymnastics, relaxing and playing the Wii for the rest summer in between our out of town trips.
Ballerina & a Bumble Bee Boogie dance
Brooke swimming & Faith playing Wii Fit