Disneyland March 1, 2008

We headed down Thursday & spent Friday at Disneyland with just our little family. As soon as she saw the train, we had to ride it immediately. We then waited in this long line to see what we thought was the princess show & turned out to be meeting the princesses! Faith had been SO excited to show Cinderella her painted fingernails, so it was perfect. We also went on the new Finding Nemo ride and Faith was so funny thinking she "Found Nemo!" Everytime we saw the ride the rest of the weekend she made sure to tell us she found Nemo or that she wanted to find him again.

That first night, while clearly on the 'Disney high,' Faith happily declared, "It's a magical, wonderful day!" as she opened the doors to the TV. I had to make her repeat it & ask who told her that....because she did after all, have a long conversation with Cinderella earlier. She said she told herself...so cute!

The next morning, we let her wear a Snow White outfit over her clothes and she was ecstatic! Down to breakfast we went & she got so many giggles & happy thoughts from the adults. The rest of the weekend, we had a hard time convincing her not to wear the high heels (though she did to breakfast) & getting her to take the dress off at night. Odd thing is, Snow White was one of her least favorite rides, along with the mini roller coaster in ToonTown.

I think the parades were my favorite to watch her on because she shreaked with joy everytime she saw a princess. It was too adorable. Brooke was really good for the most part and didn't seem to have much thought about where we were or what we were doing, though she enjoys people watching for sure.

The ride home was a nightmare with Brooke crying more than half the time & Faith begging to go back to our "castle." Hehehe, I'm smiling thinking of how Faith kept doing the most odd, but funny thing the whole trip...I'd bought them Teddy Grahams as a little snack for the trip & on our drive down it was night when we opened them & Faith kept wanting me to turn on the light so she could see the cookie. She'd look at it intently and state "teddy bear," then eat it. Over and over all weekend any time she'd eat those things she'd do the same ritual, even on the way home. It was too funny....maybe you had to be there.