Breathe Freely, Conner Man

My heart and eyes cry today for seven year old Conner who passed away Thursday, June 24, 2010. He battled cystic fibrosis and prune belly disease, which meant he essentially had no muscles to cough....and with CF, that's a terrible combination. It's evident that he was such a fighter and joyous child yet cystic fibrosis has taken another precious, innocent life.

For many months now his mother, Sarah, has allowed her soul to bleed into each word as she shares their family's story. Thousand of friends and followers of her blog have been given the raw truth about CF, love, life & belief and though we don't know her personally, after reading the posts, it feels as though we do. Conner is survived by his loving parents and 2 younger brothers.

As mentioned before, at the Sacramento Greatstrides walk, Team FaithFULL (along with many other teams nationwide) wore red on our shirts to honor Conner with his favorite color and show our support. Today his family laid him to rest and all the world who knew of him wears red and cries out. May his famiy find some peace today that he is no longer in pain and may their precious memories never ever fade. Breathe freely Conner...the fight against CF will continue and your spirit lives on! Squeeze your little ones a little tighter today, love them a little more...

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the light of our loved ones passes through."

Regis & Kelly even wore red for him on their show today! Here they are. I couldn't find a clip of them talking about Conner or CF, but am told that they did.